The Sims Social Cheat Tool | The Sims Social Hack Tool

The Sims Social Cheat Tool | The Sims Social Hack Tool

This is new hack tool for The Sims Social developed by . With this The Sims Social cheat tool you can add cash for free.

Man, when was the last time we released a hack trainer? It seems our community is more interested in generators than trainers! Normally generators take more work than trainers, but this Sims Social hack was a complete different story. This is the most advanced Sims Social hack on the Internet to date and it will keep improving with new features and updates. Everything you can possibility want as a hack is included with our Sims trainer.

This tool is 100% FREE

  • Version: 2.0
  • Price: Free
  • Operating system: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/NT
  • Total Downloads: 421

    The Sims Social Hack (Facebook) Cheat Bot Tool – Unlimited Simoleons,Simcash,Social Point, Energy, XP

    The Sims Social Hack (Facebook) Cheat Bot Tool – Unlimited Simoleons,Simcash,Social Point, Energy, XP

How to use The Sims Social Hack tool :

1.) Open The Sims Social Cheat tool
2.) Choose browser, choose value of cash
3.) Press Start hack

Click this button to download file

Click this button to see how to download

Click this button to test new download system
1.) Click on Download button few surveys will be displayed,
2.A survey will appear to verify that you are a human and not a bot, this is to protect the number of file downloads.
3.)When you complete the survey you will download the file,system will allow to download the file.
We have to limit the number of download to 1000 only to avoid problems. Simply fill in a short free survey and then download the file.

About Game and Cheats Team (

Our team was formed in 2003,game and cheats team consists of ten members.
Most are highly trained programmers,for all types of applications.
We have a couple of people to maintain the website.If you want an application please
contact Game and Cheats Team via email,


The Sims Social Cheat Tool | The Sims Social Hack Tool

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* Works on Simoleons, Simcash, Social Point, Energy and XP.

* Works PERFECT Globally-No matter where you stay-US,UK,CA-ANYWHERE

* Undetectable. You WILL NOT get banned for using this (100% guarantee)

* Works on ALL internet browsers (Firefox.Chrome,Safari,Opera…etc)

* Tested on daily basis to ensure it’s functionality.

*If the hack is patched, UPDATE will be done within 12 hours. (100% Satisfaction)

*Easy to use. Simply click hack and you are done.

*The MOST stable hack ever created on net – Run as many times as you wish without a single error.

*The ONLY WORKING and LEGIT The Sims Social Hack on the net. (100% Satisfaction).

*Rated Number 1# hack in terms of speed and efficiency (100% guarantee)

*24/7 ONLINE server – you will not get any error connecting to our database while using this hack (100% guarantee)

The Sims Social Cheat Tool | The Sims Social Hack Tool

The Sims Social Facebook Hack Cheat Bot Tool – Tested Working on;

a) Simeleon

b) Simcash

c) Social Point

d) Energy

e) XP


Facebook Credit hack *HOT*

Unlimited Energy Option *HOT*

You WILL NEVER regret for downloading this (100% guarantee)
Current Status – Checked daily

If you clicked the screenshots above, you will know what hack features are in the trainer. You might be curious of what exactly they do. We’re going to explain each feature below and tell you how to use it successfully. Let’s first start with how to use the program. You can download the program by clicking the download button above.

Steps to using Sims Social Hack Trainer

First step is to run the Loader and load the Sims Social hack.
After having the trainer appear on the screen, open Sims Social in your Internet browser. Once it is loaded fully (100%), go back to the trainer and select the browser Sims Social is running in. We added an Auto-Detect browser feature for the lazy people. The trainer will scan for all browser process and check for Sims Social.
After having that all done, the trainer can now be used. You can use the instructions button in the program or read the instructions below. They are the same.

Features of Sims Social Hack Trainer

Always Full – Your Sim will always be full. You will never have to feed him/her with this option enabled.
Always Happy – The happy bar will always be maxed – your Sim will not lose happiness when you don’t give him/her attention.
Unlimited Energy – You will now have unlimited energy (frozen at max). You can do any task without losing energy.
Speed Hack – The game will speed up (at 5 times the normal speed). All task and time related things will increase in speed (for completion).
Unlock all outfits (Beta) – This hack feature will allow you to unlock all the outfits for your Sims in the clothing store. It might not completely unlock everything so you can just add some Sims Cash or Simoleons (which we will get to next.)
Disable all – If for any reason you want to disable all the hacks at once, press F12.


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