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Tera Crack and Serial Keygen

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Tera Crack and Serial Keygen

TERA Online is an upcoming highly anticipated subscription MMORPG from the team of Bluehole Studios, Frogster Interactive Pictures, and En Masse Entertainment. TERA’s story is simple: the world is under siege by evil gods, monsters, and beings from the underworld, and it’s up to the players to stand against their onslaught to save the world.

True action combat is the main draw here, meaning fighting will be based on actual player skill. For example, in order to avoid getting hit in combat, a player must dodge attacks, and not just stand in place and rely on an arbitrary armor or skill rating. There will be no factions, either. Players simply choose from seven races and eight classes and take on quests and over 600 monsters.

Tera Crack and Serial Keygen


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