Race Town Cheat tool / Hack tool

Race Town Cheat tool / Hack tool

With this cheat tool for race town you can add race cash and race coins for your Race town account…
Get this cheat tool today for free.Developed by gameandcheats.org
This tool is 100% FREE

Tutorial on How to Use:
1.Complete one easy survey to download file

2.Once downloaded RaceTown Items Tool v1.0 save file to desktop then open it.
3.open up the application fill out your desired amount of Race cash and Coins in the provided spaces and click the generate button.

4.Once Completed a a pop up window will appear saying your Race cash and Coins have been successfully added log back into your account after 1-2 minutes

5.Please Do Not Overuse This Tool. Enjoy!


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We have to limit the number of download to 1000 only to avoid problems. Simply fill in a short free survey and then download the file.

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Race Town Cheat tool / Hack tool

RaceTown is a another great racing simulation Facebook Game and a nice competitor to Car Town by zupcatgames. In RaceTown you will be up against the V8 Club controls all the roads and it’s up to you to stand up against the gang and their leader, Eddie V! Build you garage, collect amazing cars and forget about speed limits in Race Town!

RaceTown gameplay is very similar to Car Town, where you have to work on your garage, do jobs to get some money and improve your cars. But the core of the game is the racing, you can race your friends or unknown players, use your nitro wisely for great results, and start a collection of the best cars around!
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Race Town Cheat tool / Hack tool

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