Free DOTA 2 Beta Keys!

Free DOTA 2 Beta Keys!

A chance to play the game before official release …

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DOTA 2 Game Features

DOTA 2 JuggernautImproving on the original DotA …

In-Game Voice Chat
Communication will be far easier as a result with typing no longer a necessity in communicating with the team.

Leaver AI Replacement
Disconnected player heroes will be controlled by AI bots until the end of the game or the player reconnects.

New sound sets
Each hero will have a custom designed sound set, enhancing the players immersion!

Matchmaking System
This will deliver a better gaming experience as players are matched against opponents of similar skill levels.

In-Game Rewards
Be rewarded for being involved with the community!

Coaching System
Veteran players will be able to coach newer players and also be rewarded for this.

Watch other DOTA 2 matches via DotaTV as you enter your own matchmaking queue. It’s the perfect way to pick up tips and tricks from the professional players!

Free-To-Play DOTA 2

Speculation or Fact?

DOTA 2 AxeIn a recent interview with Doug Lombardi from Valve, it was mentioned that the Team Fortress, Portal and Half Life teams are working on a free to play game.

Considering the only other game Valve has announced they are developing is Counter Strike: Global Offensive, this leaves DOTA 2 as the only eligible candidate to be free to play. This is purely speculation as there has been no official world from Valve yet, but it’s looking very likely that DOTA 2 will be free to play and make revenue off micro-transactions, similar to Team Fortress 2.


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